Egg Roll | Nigerian Egg Roll | Method Of Preparation Of Egg Roll | Ingredients Needed For Egg Roll | Recipe For Egg Roll | Tips To Note When Making Egg Roll | Nigerian Recipe | African recipe | Top Nigerian Pastries | Top African Pastries

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African Egg Roll Recipe Ingredients 2 cups of flour 1 egg Cooking powder – 1 Tablespoon Salt – 1/4 of Tablespoon 1/2 Tablespoon of Nutmeg […]

Steps On How To Prepare Chicken Shawarma | Ingredients Needed For The Preparation Of Chicken Shawarma | Different Kinds Of Shawarma | Ingredients Needed For Shawarma Marinade | Ingredients Needed For Shawarma Sauce

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HOW TO DO THE CHICKEN SHAWARMA There are different types of shawarma depending on what you love the most. Such as; Chicken Shawarma Hotdog shawarma […]