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Cuisine means a manner of preparing food : style of cooking. A cuisine is definite or explicit set of cooking system and practices, that are mostly associated with a specific culture or region. Therefore each cuisine has to do with food preparation in a particular style, of food and drink of particular types, to produce individually consumed items or distinct meals.

Different Types of Cuisines

American cuisine
British cuisine

Basic Food Eaten By Chinese

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Rice is an important staple food for people from rice areas of southern China. Steamed rice, which is usually white rice, is therefore the most eaten form. People in South China also love using rice to make rice porridge for breakfast. Another is noodles.

Noodles are also staple food in China. Chinese people love noodles, especially in the north. However, Chinese noodles are usually made from wheat flour, rice flour or mung bean starch. Noodles are often served in soup or stir-fried with meat, eggs or vegetables.

Basic Ingredients Used In making Chinese Food

Light Soy Sauce

This is the most used seasoning in Japanese and Chinese dishes, with the main function of adding salt to dishes.

Oyster Sauce

Thick, shiny and slightly sweet oyster sauce is often used to give sauces body or to season vegetables.

Chinkiang Black Vinegar

Usually used in South China dishes. Chinkiang black vinegar has a smoky taste with a touch of sweetness. It is usually added to the dish at the end of cooking in order to preserve the delicacy and is also used for the immersion of sauces and marinades.

Rice Vinegar

Clear and white, rice vinegar is much stronger and more acidic than black vinegar.

Rice Wine

Sesame Oil

Roasted sesame oil is often used to flavor a dish, rather than cooking things into it.

Chili Oil

Make your own by heating chilli flakes in vegetable or groundnut oil. You can also grind dried peppers, salt and garlic together with a pestle and mortar, and then slowly mix the mixture in vegetable oil until they are reddish and infused

Fragrant Jasmine Rice

You can use basmati, you can use brown but white scented jasmine rice is the most used rice in Asian cuisine

Ginger, Garlic and Spring Onions

You can never do without these three ingredients, often considered the holy trinity of Chinese cuisine, and garlic is widely used throughout Asia. It is therefore worthwhile to keep these items always at hand.

White Pepper

Boiling Oil

Corn Meal & Potato Starch

These are widely used in marinades and to thicken sauces. Although the two are usually interchangeable, the potato starch is better chipped for fried food.

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