Fruit Cake | Instructions On How To Bake Fruit Cake | Recipe


Fruit cake

Ingredients For Fruit Cake

500g of butter

Sugar of 500g

500g of flour

10 eggs

1 Tablespoon of flavour vanilla

1 Tablespoon of condensed milk flavour

Black Treacle – 1 Tablespoon

1 Tablespoon of golden syrup,

1 Tablespoon of brownie

Fruits as desired.


1. Cream your  batter ( sugar + butter ) , until light and fluffy

2. Then whisk your eggs

3. Add all liquid ingredients to the eggs

4. Then add your egg mixture to the  batter, little by little

5. Add your flour bit by bit and mix together, then add in your fruits as desired

6. Cream.your baking pan then pour the mixture into the pan and bake.

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