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A complete meal is an expansion and variation of a 3-course meal. Generally, full course dinners have four or more courses with the most extravagant dinners that include up to 12 courses. The complete meals of the course normally start with the first of a main course, like an appetizer or a soup, followed by the main courses, and are finished with sweets, coffee and tea.

Complete meals take place frequently at someone’s home, in a club or restaurant. They are usually enjoyed in the afternoon or evening for a special occasion. In both luxury restaurants and casual restaurants, guests can opt for a full meal, ordering more dishes to go out at different times.

Many cultures enjoy complete meals with variations of courses, different habits and unique food assortments. Complete meals have a rich and diverse history in many regions which is the result of the evolution of food traditions over time.

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A multi-course meal or a full-course dinner is a multi-course meal, almost invariably eaten in the evenings or afternoons.

The way you serve or enjoy a full course meal is up to your discretion and can be as casual or formal as you prefer.

Below are Some Tips:

* Provide a goblet of water and a glass of wine for each guest.

* Each course requires its own dinnerware and silverware, so set your table based on the number of courses in your meal.

* Guests will first use the outermost utensils and work their way in towards the plate as the courses progress.

* Remove each course plate before bringing out the next course.
Don’t wait too long between serving each course.

Traditional etiquette says that each plate should be cleared (from the right side of each guest) before serving another (to the left side of each guest).

If you do not have servers at your dinner party, have guests pass the dishes from the left, so they can easily serve themselves, since most people are right-handed.

Many table settings will have a charger plate that serves as a base setting. On top of it is where dinnerware for each course is placed. The plate is only cleared when dessert is served.

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