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Meal Course

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What Is a Meal Course?

A meal course is a single food item or a set of food items served at once, such as a sandwich, soup and crackers, or steak and mashed potatoes.

An average meal consists of one or more meal courses. The most basic full course meal features 2 or 3 of the following courses: an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.

What Is a Full Course Meal?

Many cultures enjoy complete meals with variations of courses, different habits and unique food assortments.

Complete meals have a rich and diverse history in many regions which is the result of the evolution of food traditions over time.

A multicourse meal or full-course meal is a meal that has to do with multiple courses.

Therefore, a full course meal is an expansion and variation of a 3 course meal.

Typically, full course dinners have four or more meal courses with the most extravagant dinners comprising of up to 12 courses.

Full course meals normally begin with precursors to a main dish, such as an amuse-bouche or soup, followed by the main course(s), and they are finished off with sweets, coffee, and tea.

Full course meals may vary depending on locations and customs.

During a formal dinner, a full dinner can consist of 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 courses and, in its extreme form, has been known to have 21 courses. In these more formal dining events, the courses are carefully planned to complement each other. The courses are smaller and distributed over a long evening, up to three, four or five hours. Menu planning conventions that have been established for many years follow. Most courses (excluding some light dishes such as sherbets) in the more formal dinners of a full course are usually combined with a different wine, beer, liquor or other spirit.

Full course meals frequently take place at someone’s home, at big occasions, or at a restaurant.

They are customarily enjoyed in the afternoon or evening for a special occasion.

In both upscale restaurants and casual eateries, guests can opt for a full course meal by ordering multiple dishes to come out at separate times.


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